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bw How do I make a booking?

The Europe Senior Tourism packages are available through the following six commercial authorized agencies:

• Euroseniors e.romanowska@euroseniors.eu
Travel Factory info@travel-factory.gr 0030 2108990270
Serhs Tourism marketing@serhs.com
Turismo Vivencial www.turismovivencial.com / www.handmadeexperiences.com info@turismovivencial.com / igarcia@turismovivencial.com +34936571221 Ext. 5323 Isabel García/Juan Carlos Centellas
Sureste Incoming booking@suresteincoming.com 0034 868 975 056
Delfin Travel info@delfintravel.cz +420 222 937 627

If you're a travel agency interested in selling Europe Senior Tourism holiday packages, contact the authorised companies to join the programme.

If you're a senior interested in travelling with Europe Senior Tourism, e-mail the authorised companies to request information on their offers.

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