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The Europe Senior Tourism programme now includes the Canary Islands

(28/02/2011) Over 55s can now purchase a trip to Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria with Europe Senior Tourism. All the information on the programme is available on the websites www.euroseniors.eu and www.europeseniortourism.eu to enjoy a complete holiday from 25 April to 30 June.


Europe Senior Tourism is promoted in Portugal, Austria and the Czech Republic

(01/02/2011) The President of SEGITTUR has given press conferences and interviews to the media in Lisbon, Vienna and Prague, with the aim of promoting the second edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme in these countries. 


Europe Senior Tourism doubles the number of seniors from October to December

(26/01/2011) About 11,000 European seniors have enjoyed a subsidised trip to Spain in winter thanks to the second edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme, between October and December 2010: double the amount compared to the same months in the previous edition.


The president of SEGITTUR promotes Europe Senior Tourism in Greece

(11/01/2011) Over 25 journalists attended the press conference given by the president of SEGITTUR in Athens to promote Europe Senior Tourism. He was accompanied by representatives from the Balearic Islands in Andalusia and from Kyklos Travel and Pamvotis Travel, the Greek tour operators responsible for marketing the programme in Greece. 

Over 15,000 Greek senior citizens visited Spain in the first edition of Europe Senior Tourism, making it the programme’s top nationality in number of tourists.


The agreement to carry out the Europe Senior Tourism programme in the Canary Islands has been signed

(15/12/2010) The Temporary Joint Venture Eurosenior, made up of Viajes Iberia, Viajes Barceló and Viajes Halcón, has been awarded the contract to organise and promote the Europe Senior Tourism travel programme in the Canary Islands for the 2011 season.





 Italian agencies and tour operators discover Majorca, the senior citizens’ destination

(14/12/2010) 17 travel agencies and tour operator representatives from Italy who commercialise the Europe Senior Tourism programme have travelled to Majorca to find out more about the destination, as well as the hotels and everything the island has to offer for Italian senior citizens. 

From October 2009 to April 2010 more than 5,400 Italian senior citizens visited Spain on this Europe Senior Tourism programme. It was the fourth nationality in the programme. 




Cuatro broadcasted a report on Europe Senior Tourism

(26/10/2010) The television channel Cuatro featured a report in both its midday and evening news broadcasts (26/10/2010) on the Europe Senior Tourism programme, with video footage of a group of Polish tourists arriving in Andalusia. 

The second edition of the programme was launched last 1 October and will conclude on 30 April 2011. This season includes the participation of the Autonomous Regions of Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia. 

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